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A for Effort works with a small group of full time tutors who are all knowledgeable, experienced and have a passion for teaching!

Read below to see how each employee adds value to A for Effort!
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Charmaine Heilijgers

Founder & Director

As the Founder of A for Effort, Charmaine is involved in the overall operations of the company. Charmaine grew up as an international student in Indonesia, and continued her studies in Europe and the USA. With A for Effort she aims to help students enjoy the subjects they might have once feared while enhancing their overall academic confidence.

"At A for Effort tutors are passionate about ensuring students are working towards their personal academic goals through inspiring and motivating lessons."

Arief Purnomo

Subjects: Math, Science and Economics

Grade levels: High School (Incl. IB, AP and SAT)

Arief is one of A for Effort's first tutors and has extensive experience teaching Math and Science, specifically for High School students. Arief graduated from High School in the USA with a perfect 4.0 GPA score. He loves to travel, and hopes to continue to visit many more countries in the future!

“If you seek a platform where you can ask questions without hesitation, elevate your grades, excel in IB, AP, and IGCSE exams, secure admission to prestigious universities worldwide, and benefit from supportive tutors who enhance your academic journey, look no further than A for Effort.”

Haryo Prasetya

Subjects: Math

Grade levels: High School (Incl. IB, AP and SAT)

Haryo is an experienced Math tutor, teaching mostly advanced Math to Middle and High School students at A for Effort. Haryo ensures to make a difference, playing a pivotal role in the positive transformations students have in their Math tutoring journey. Haryo holds a degree in Mathematics Education and in his free time enjoys cooking up new recipes!

"A for Effort is not your typical tutoring center. We are not only helping students to achieve their academic goals, but we also unleash their best potential in Math."

Aries Macintosh

Subjects: Math, Science and English

Grade levels: Elementary & Middle School

At A for Effort Aries teaches Elementary and Middle School students the subjects of Math, Science and English. He is known for his creative approach to conducting all lessons. In his spare time Aries enjoys playing the guitar. He is a sport enthusiast and spends his spare time training basketball!

"At A for Effort we make sure that students understand the material and are able to apply the concepts in their daily activities."

Victor Fernandez

Subjects: Math

Grade levels: Elementary, Middle and High School (Incl. IB, AP and SAT)

Victor is the designated Math tutor for all grade levels at A for Effort. His clear and logical methods to explain even the most complicated material has proven beneficial for students of all ages. At his leisure, Victor enjoys playing chess, solving puzzles and hosting strategy board game events amongst his peers!

“A for Effort is a great learning platform for everyone! We promote learning strategies which are catered to each individual student."

Brian Mamangkey

Subjects: Math & Science

Grade levels: Elementary, Middle and High School

Brian studied Cognitive Neuroscience, which is a field that delves into Biology. Prior to joining A for Effort, Brian was an experienced tutor for both Math and Science. At A for Effort he is the designated tutor for Math and Science for all grade levels. He is also an avid coffee aficionado and likes to test different coffee beans from across the world!

"A for Effort provides a learning environment where students can try out different methods and eventually apply what they have learned, when the situation calls for it."

Megan Isoya

Subjects: Math, Science & English

Grade levels: Elementary and Middle School

Megan is A for Effort’s Math, Science and English tutor for Elementary and Middle School students. With a bachelor’s degree in English Education and more than eight years of teaching experience, Megan is ensure memorable lessons for all her students. During her leisure time, Megan enjoys reading and is part of an international book club.

"A for Effort tutors are striving to create an engaging environment and processes in order to make every lesson a source of inspiration and progress for students."

Muja Harahap

Subjects: Math & Science

Grade levels: Elementary, Middle School and High School (Incl. IB, AP and SAT)

Muja is the designated Math tutor for all grade levels at A for Effort. Passionate in teaching, he has been tutoring for several years at various tutoring centers. Muja is great at engaging students with the best learning methods. Ensuring productive learning sessions for students of all ages. During his leisure time, Muja enjoys drawing, painting and martial arts.

"For A for Effort tutors, teaching students is also a lesson for us, every individual is different and we are always learning and improving how to have the best approach to educate."

Daffa Arrahman

Subjects: Math

Grade levels: Elementary, Middle & High School (incl. IB, AP and SAT)

Daffa is the designated Math tutor for all grade levels at A for Effort. Passionate about teaching. As an aerospace engineer, Daffa enjoys designing aircraft prototypes, learning new things and spending time with his family.

“Everything at A for Effort is always enjoyable. We have supportive tutors for all students who want to level up their Math, Science and English skills.”

Aurellia Putri

Branch Operations Manager

As A for Effort's Branch Operations Manager, Aurellia oversees day-to-day general operations, ensuring proper coordination between clients, systems and internal staff team. Her early exposure to the professional world through her family business, coupled with her experience as an illustrator working with international clients, positions Aurellia as a dependable resource for information and direction. She strives to provide the best possible experience for both clients and colleagues alike.

"At A for Effort, by providing high-quality and personalized tutoring within a supportive environment, we are able to help students reach their full potential."

Zahra Farisa

Human Resource Generalist

As A For Effort's Human Resource Generalist, Zahra plays a significant part in identifying people with great potential. Zahra enjoys spending her leisure time with her family. In addition, she enjoys watching comedies on the weekends while she works during the week.

“A for Effort is a great place to grow, and working here makes me realize what the true meaning of being a team player is.”

Michelle Mamahit

Front Desk Administrator

As A For Effort's Front Desk Administrator, Michelle plays a vital role in giving clients information and assistance. In her own time, she enjoys reading fiction, particularly mystery and fantasy novels. She also enjoys trying new foods, so on the weekends or on her days off, she would spend time eating and relaxing in cafes or malls.

“A for Effort is a place where minds are ignited, curiosity is nurtured, and knowledge is discovered.”

Latifah Melyani

Administrative Assistant

As A For Effort's Administrative Assistant, Latifah plays a significant part in managing, organizing and repurchasing office needs. She earned her bachelor in English Literature due to her hobbies as a writer. She has a story that has been published, and has experience as a content writer at her previous work. She loves books and cats, and enjoys her free time by herself.

“A for Effort is a great and enjoyable place for students to power up their skills and reach new levels of achievements.”