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For Middle and High School Students

Our high-quality tutoring services for students ages 11 - 18 are tailored for Middle and High School students enrolled at both international and national schools.

Our program caters to all levels of Math, Science and English including IB, IGCSE, AP and SAT Prep. A for Effort tutors have the qualifications and expertise to teach up until advanced levels.





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Additional Advanced Courses

Specialized Courses for IB, AP, IGCSE and SAT

For High School students we also offer specialized tutoring courses for students taking IB, IGCSE, AP and SATs. These tutoring programs are led by our senior tutors who have the expertise to ensure that students receive the support they need to prepare them for their exams and future academic success.

We provide official learning material ensuring students receive sufficient resources to use beyond their tutoring lesson, this continued practice can make the difference in their ultimate exam score.

Tutors will guide students with best approaches to taking their exams, conducting timed mock exams, using official question databases and past papers to familiarize students with the various types of questions they might face.

Tutoring lessons include:

  • Welcome packs for all new students

  • Personalized lesson preparation

  • Custom formula sheets on relevant topics

  • Daily additional home learning exercises

  • Daily lesson updates with picture overviews

  • Monthly progress reports

  • Focused quiz and test preparation

  • Dynamic and engaging instructional environment

Why Choose A for Effort?

At A for Effort, we provide students with a trusted and comfortable learning environment where they can form a bond with our tutoring team. We encourage students to ask questions and clarify instructions without fear of judgment or embarrassment, as they might experience in a traditional classroom setting.

Whether students need intense tutoring to support challenging IB or IGCSE coursework, tutoring for college entrance exams such as the SAT, or personalized assistance to bridge an academic gap, our tutoring services will help meet and exceed every personal goal.

Our Personalized Teaching Approach

We are proud to support our students on their academic journey, as they navigate rising expectations, and unique challenges of their Middle and High School academic careers.

During each tutoring session, we implement engaging teaching methods in a comfortable learning environment. Our personalized instructional methods are designed to simplify concepts using proven techniques that enhance comprehension and retention of lesson material.

With a thorough understanding of each student’s unique profile and learning goals, our tutors ensure your child receives the support they need.

Tutoring Lessons That Fit Your Needs

Whether students prefer in-person sessions in a stimulating classroom environment, or online lessons in the comfort of their home, the team at A for Effort offers flexible teaching formats to support all learning preferences.

Lessons at our A for Effort classrooms take place in our lively, encouraging and motivating environment where students will be equipped with the tools they need for a successful learning experience. Each classroom is dedicated to private and semi-private lessons, and are equipped with large whiteboards, projectors and monitors.

Our online lessons are conducted on Zoom and ensure to provide the same interactive and productive learning experience as students would receive during an in-person classroom session.

Our Reward Incentives

During each class, students can earn points for attendance, effort, engagement, homework completion, and more. When enough cumulative bonus points have been earned, students can exchange their points for a variety of rewards.

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