About Us

How We Started

A for Effort is a high-quality tutoring center in Jakarta, serving families with students attending international and national schools throughout Indonesia and beyond.

Founded in 2016, we saw the need for a tutoring center that catered to international curriculums, especially in the core subjects of Math, Science and English. Despite receiving quality education at their schools, many students found these subjects challenging and benefited from personalized tutoring.

A for Effort was established to meet the needs of international students, and has since expanded to include national curriculums and schools abroad.

Now catering to students across most continents of the world, A for Effort has become a trusted name for quality tutoring.

What We Provide

We proudly cater to students of all ages and grade levels, from Elementary to High School, with tailored programs to meet your child’s goals.

For younger students (ages 4 to 11), our A for Effort Juniors program builds confidence and understanding in Math, Science and English through hands-on, engaging lessons in a comfortable learning environment.

For older students (ages 11 - 18), our experienced tutors provide personalized support focused on academic goals. These interactive lessons simplify complex concepts, enhancing understanding and knowledge beyond mere memorization.

How We Can Help

Students come to A for Effort for various reasons. Some have gaps in their academics, while others need help transitioning between different curriculums. Senior students often seek support for final exams and university applications. Additionally, many students simply need a comfortable environment for asking questions and receiving one-on-one attention.

We tailor our approach to meet each student’s needs, understanding the fast-paced curriculums and rising expectations they face. We follow the school’s curriculum and focus on developing specific skills for academic success.

Offering both in-person and online services, we cater to local and international students. Our English-speaking professional tutors help overcome challenges, encourage strengths, and monitor progress every step of the way.

What Makes Us Different

Since our establishment in 2016, A for Effort has gained widespread recognition for its personalized approach to learning, conducting over 40,000 lesson hours with students from various schools in Indonesia and abroad.

Our tutors thoroughly prepare each lesson, aligning with the student’s school curriculum and personal learning needs. They develop lessons to match each student’s unique learning style and goals.

We maintain open communication with parents and, if requested, with the student’s school teacher, counselor, or learning support team. This ensures our approach aligns with the student’s needs and expectations, helping them reach their full potential.

Our Dynamic Team

The tutors at A for Effort form a full-time team of high-quality tutors who consistently motivate students to excel.

Our carefully selected tutors participate in regular meetings, workshops and ongoing training to ensure the best teaching practices are applied. Each tutor undergoes a thorough training program lasting several months before they begin tutoring, followed by ongoing weekly training to continually enhance their knowledge and skills.

At A for Effort we ensure that all students receive a consistently high-quality tutoring experience from every tutor at A for Effort.

Our team consists of dedicated, high-quality tutors who continually motivate students and undergo ongoing training to provide the best educational support.

Meet our team

Our Reward Program

We find it essential that students are recognized for their effort and not only their results. All students at A for Effort participate in our rewards program, in which they will earn points for various accomplishments. They can exchange their accumulated points for rewards to foster motivation and dedication to their academics.

Monitoring Student Progress

At A for Effort, we provide comprehensive updates to families on their child’s development and progress. After each lesson, parents receive a detailed overview including topics covered, assigned homework, and the student's effort level, accompanied by pictures for insight. Additionally, monthly progress reports track students' development on each topic.

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